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Novel variant for high triglycerides in Arab population

Global studies which aim to identify the genetic basis of variation in blood lipid traits and extreme lipid phenotypes have been predominantly performed in European Caucasian populations. The current study addressed the lack of information regarding genetic variation in lipids in Arab populations. Investigators performed a genome-wide association study in Arab individuals in Kuwait (discovery cohort including 1,353 subjects and a replication cohort of 1,176 subjects). The study identified six variants that were recessive for high triglycerides at the genome-wide significance level, and a further six variants that were associated at borderline significance. All 12 variants were novel. These findings in an Arab population complement international efforts to identify genetic regulation of lipid traits across different ethnicities.
Genome-wide association study identifies novel recessive genetic variants for high TGs in an Arab population.

Hebbar P, Nizam R, Melhem M et al.