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Obesity a key driver of the diabetes burden in China.

Type 2 diabetes prevalence in China has escalated by more than 10-fold over the last 30 years, with recent estimates indicating that over 90 million people are affected. This report from the China Health and Nutrition Survey, based on risk factor data for the period 1991-2011 shows that high BMI is a key driver of this increase. High BMI was responsible for 43.8 million diabetes cases in 2011, with a population-attributable fraction of 46.8%. Other modifiable risk factors, including physical inactivity, high blood pressure, dietary factors, the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages and smoking, were also associated with this increased diabetes burden. The authors make the case for renewed efforts directed to primary prevention strategies, education and awareness to reduce the escalation in diabetes prevalence in China.
Time trends of dietary and lifestyle factors and their potential impact on diabetes burden in China.

Li Y, Wang DD, Ley SH et al.